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Achaderry Woods

Achaderry Woods

Responsible walkers appear to be welcomed by the estate owners at this quiet corner of Roy Bridge. Of all the options in the area this is probably the most popular with our family and dogs. Starting from the Bohenie road a forest path come track circles an attractive man made lochan. This element on its own is probably only one km but another spur leads off this climbing past another two similar if smaller lochans continuing through lovely birch woodland. Following this track ultimately leads to gate on to the A86 but before this another slightly  muddy side track leads onto pleasant open grassy hillside. A feint path leads to a strange metal framed tower  at the minor summit; this slope ultimately leading to Creag Dubh.  If the walk is punctuated by stick throwing for dogs and the odd photo stop then the outing can take well over an hour. Long enough to have given dogs and adults a decent bit of exercise yet short enough to accommodate younger walkers.



Glen Spean from Achaderry



The Circle Walk, Spean Bridge

The Circle walk starts and finishes on the Corriehoillie road on the south edge of Spean Bridge. Although filed under family trips it isn’t  a big day out. It is an easy walk starting out through mixed woodland climbling on very easy gradients toward the edge of more formal planted woodland. At time of writing some harvesting has taken place recently improving views towards Glen Spean and the big mountains to the south.

At the top of the ascent the path joins a higher level forest road and other options are available to extend the walk (or cycle). Turning right takes you towards the public road at Lianachan, straight across dog leg fashion takes you on another winding foot or cycle route into the depths of the forest presenting numerous combinations of longer loops or even an alternative way to Nevis Range and Torlundy. Turning left resumes the Circle Walk . In about 400m the area of harvesting is reached. At close quarters the disturbed ground is not attractive and positively dangerous to walk on but as mentioned the views really open up here.


Possibly too rough for a normal buggy but a young family will still manage the loop in under an hour and of course, well away from busy roads, it is an ideal short walk for the dog.

Easter Family Day out

Snow Monkeys enjoying the Easter sun.


Bactrian Camel



We spent a great day at The Highland Wildlife Park and enjoyed some glorious spring sunshine. Mercedes, the Polar Bear, was busy chewing her way through her lunch sitting in the fresh snow and the Snow Monkeys were happily grooming each other while waiting for their feeding time. Our first stop of the day was to admire the Amur Tigers who were soaking up the sun in their purpose built enclosure – we have been to see them often but are still impressed by their power and grace on each visit. It is worth trying to be there at their feeding time – it is a real spectacle. We still also take time to visit the smaller animals with the Red Pandas and Wildcats being particular stars. The drive through part of the park was closed due to snow but we will be back soon and catch up with the Bison, Yaks and Red Deer then.